About Us

The organisation has no political, religious or corporate affiliation; its objective is a terre des hommes, an Earth of Humanity.

terre des hommes (tdh)  is committed to empowering children: ensuring survival, supporting children in times of need, protecting children from exploitation, actively promoting children’s agency and participation. Within Germany it seeks to inform and educate the public about the situation of children, women and other vulnerable and marginalised groups in the global South, and advocates for fairer policies towards developing countries. In Germany people in almost 120 towns and cities are involved as volunteers, helping to achieve the terre des hommes vision.

Through its project partners, local organisations and initiatives, terre des hommes Germany is present in more than 30 countries worldwide and supports over 400 projects in favour of children and youth. The ultimate goal is to empower local communities and initiatives to find their own ways of fighting poverty, illiteracy, injustice and oppression.

terre des hommes Germany is part of the terre des hommes International Federation (TDHIF), composed of national chapters in several countries, with currently ten member organisations.



All terre des hommes Germany programmes in Africa, Latin America and Asia are coordinated and monitored through regional and country offices. This site presents the work of terre des hommes Germany in Southern Africa.